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Manufacture of precision tools of solid carbide and HS steel

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BALINIT® will get your cutting tools performing at the next level.

Logo Oerlikon BlazersCoated with BALINIT®, your tools will any time guarantee top performance to meet the ever increasing requirements of modern manufacturing technology.

Saving in costs
Coated cutting tools can be used reaching considerably better cutting values, thus reducing main working time and machining costs. Extended times of use require fewer changes of tool and this way reduce set-up times.

High speed cutting and dry processing
High speed cutting and dry processing cause extremely high temperatures. Due to the  excellent thermal stability, high temperature hardness and resistance to oxidation of the coating, warmth is dissipated through the chips without load on the cutting edge.

Machining of hardened materials
Hard and wear resistant coatings of the tools allow machining hardened materials of up to 63 HRC. Tools with a defined cutting edge allow finishing hard workpieces, so that there will be no need for subsequent grinding.

Materials that are difficult to machine
Alloys of aluminum, titanium and magnesium, as well as high alloy steels are usually qualified as difficult to machine. Special coatings with a low coefficient of friction and low adhesion facilitate the machining of such materials.

Special tools
Due to made-to-measure coatings, the performance of special tools (e.g., micro tools), can be improved.

Regrinding and recoating

Reground tools that are coated again, will achieve the same performance as new coated tools, but a longer overall lifetime. Recoating will be necessary, if on manufacturing lines, you want to reach the specified service time and cutting values.

Our sales representatives will be pleased to advice you on the use of the necessary coatings in daily operations.

Sales representatives

Hans-Georg Lucka, Außendienst

Hans-Georg Lucka
Phone: +49 (0) 1 62 / 9 21 59 17

Robert Simon, Außendienst

Robert Simon
Phone: +49 (0) 1 51 / 22 79 05 02

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S u. S GmbH is a family-owned business with decades of experience in the sale of 2nd hand and new sharpening machines.

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